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“My experience with Prime ECS is beyond my highest expectations. They provided me with an experience that combines excellent technology with incredible dedication to customer satisfaction. Their entire team is conscientious, dedicated and capable. I cannot imagine a better group to work with, and I highly recommend them.”


“...Prime’s dedication to the projects has been unfailing. The integrated engineering solutions provided have performed as expected from the initial startup and have met the owner’s expectations for “one button” operation.
The programming, manuals and instructions that have been provided are concise and have made the systems easy to operate…programming adjustments to each client’s individual requirements have been quickly and accurately executed. Thank you for installations that have been well done and complete and for your continued service to my existing and future clients.”


"...The (family) residence exhibits the most complete integrated system of audio visual, house control, computer, lighting, HVAC, cameras, security and home theater equipment in any of the highly custom homes we have built to date. Thank you for your conscientious attitude during a very hectic period of time. We strive for excellent customer service and we enjoy working with other professionals who share the same philosophy.”





Richard Thalheimer

Founder, The Sharper Image









Mark Falcone

Falcone Contractors






Dick Crawford

Crawford Custom Homes

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