How at Home Lighting Affects Sleep

How does Light Affect Our Sleep?

Light is essential to life. From photosynthesis, to the production of air, to the magnetic fields that surround our planet. Light is also essential to the home, in regards to interior design and how we function in our spaces. Amongst these essential aspects that light affects, there is one area of human life where light plays an equally enormous role: how we sleep. Light affects our sleep patterns because it is a critical component of how our circadian rhythm regulates. What is our circadian rhythm? Our circadian rhythm is effectively the internal clock that rises and falls within our 24-hour day. It assists in the sleep that we attempt to maintain in our daily lives. Light alerts the body’s circadian rhythm when to fall asleep and when to rise. Because light exposure is so paramount to our quality of sleep, knowing which lights to keep on in our bedroom is highly important to the sleep we want to achieve.

What Kind of Light Should Be Kept Out of the Bedroom?

The main light that should be lessened in the bedroom is blue light. Blue light is truly the main enemy of our circadian rhythm. It has the strongest impact above all other types of light in how it negatively affects our sleep. Blue light has the ability to suppress melatonin in the body, which in turn, affects how our circadian rhythm operates. What are some tips on lessening blue light in the home and in the bedroom? Fluorescent and LED lights as well as back-lit electronic devices remain the three central sources of blue light in the home. Try and keep the use of these light sources at a minimum around the time that you plan on going to bed to ensure that your circadian rhythm isn’t compromised. Installing lighting that softens automatically with the day is also a great way to keep your sleep stable and safe from blue light.

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