We demystify technology, we like to keep things "simple."

We want to know what your hopes and desires are for everyday tech needs:

  • What do you like to watch?
  • What do you like to listen to?
  • Would you feel better if you knew your home’s perimeter and entrances could be seen from your phone or iPad?
  • Is wellness technology important to you?


Our goal is your goal.

Collaboration is key with an architect or designer’s creative concept.

Our process dovetails with your work, enhancing your design concepts with technology

We have lighting designers on staff to implement sophisticated lighting systems.


We have deep, ongoing relationships with builders who rely on our insight, flexible scheduling, and ability to stick to a budget.


Marrying the best innovations of technology, health, and science in your home.

Many of our clients ask for next-level technology focused on healthy living. We provide advanced air and water purification systems, circadian lighting strategies, and discrete security systems.

  • AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS Advanced filtration methodologies — based on Mayo clinic research — enhance indoor air quality by removing allergens, toxins, pathogens, pollen and other pollutants.
  • WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS We integrate best-in-class water filtration monitoring technologies to achieve nationally recognized water quality standards.
  • CIRCADIAN LIGHTING We design advanced indoor lighting systems to promote alignment with the body’s natural circadian rhythm, improving energy, mood, productivity, and sleep quality. Light influences and regulates our bodily rhythms, providing the cues to keep our sleepwake cycle aligned each day. Well-designed combinations of day-lighting and artificial light provide an optimal lighting environment for circadian alignment.
  • SECURITY SYSTEMS We can integrate a security system in your home that is unobtrusive, robust, and easily monitored from your phone.