How Color Technology Affects the Home

What is Color Technology?

Color can be the very basis from which many interior and exterior design choices are made. Why is this? Because color plays an integral role in how we exist within a certain space. Additionally, color can be imperative for our mental state. In its simplest form though, color is a communication tool. It communicates what a room stands for and how we should interact with it. In the contemporary home of today, a color is far more than what you decide to paint your wall with. Color technology revolves around the use of advanced lighting systems in the home. Don’t let the word, “advanced” fool you though. Lighting systems of today can easily and efficiently bring colors of all kinds into the home thanks to their intuitive design and control interfaces. A simple room can have it’s entire purpose transformed with color technology. Ready to relax after a long day? Transform your otherwise bustling kitchen into a relaxing space with orange and yellow hues. The best part? If your lighting system is equipped with voice control, you won’t even have to flip a switch.

With color technology, changing the mood of a room has truly never been easier. Optimizing your home starts with simplifying the technology you love. Color technology represents just one of the groundbreaking ways that modern technology is simplifying homes everywhere. Prime ECS brings together the best of modern technology and design in order to enhance the places we call home. Simple and friendly user interfaces are one of the cornerstone features that Prime ECS has focused on and perfected over the past 30 years. Give us a call at 877.226.4441 or email us at to turn your home into the sanctuary you deserve.