The Importance of a Home Security System: More than Just Security

What Else are Home Security Systems Good for?

The idea of installing a home security system can be off putting at first. And for good reason. A number of questions may arise during one’s exploration of home security systems. Is home security really worth it? Do I really need a full scale security system? Is my neighborhood safe? These are good questions to ask when designing your future home. A common misconception about home security though, is that it’s only function is to deter theft. While this is a perfect reason to invest in your home’s security, in reality, home security is so much more. A home security system gives you the opportunity to connect with your home’s surroundings and simplify aspects of at home living. All while protecting what you love most about your home.

Reasons to Use Home Security Systems Besides Preventing Burglary

1. Keep an Eye on Pets Gone are the days of wondering where your pet went. With a home security camera, you can easily track your pets indoor and outdoor movements. Hear them barking outside the door? With a smart camera, you can actually talk to your pet through a two-way talk feature.
2. Smart Home Triggering Smart home triggering allows you to do all sorts of functional things in the home. From altering light to adjusting your thermometer before arriving home. With motion sensing provided by a security system, you can easily trigger smart home lighting to adjust the lighting in your home when pulling into your driveway.
3. Appreciate Wildlife Is your home located in an area with beautiful wildlife? Take advantage of your home’s surroundings through the lens of a 130-degree field of view camera. Home security allows you to appreciate nature to the fullest all while protecting your home from intruders.

Is home security important to you and your home? Optimizing your home starts with simplifying the technology you love. Advanced security systems represent just one of the ways that modern technology is simplifying homes everywhere. Prime ECS brings together the best of modern technology and design in order to enhance the places we call home. Simple and friendly user interfaces are one of the cornerstone features that Prime ECS has focused on and perfected over the past 30 years. Give us a call at 877.226.4441 or email us at to turn your home into the sanctuary you deserve.