Cool Ways to Improve Your Home This Year

A new year means time for change. Is home improvement on your goal list for this year? Here are some ways that you can use smart home technology to improve your home and truly make your house a place you want to be.

Home Theater

Bring the theater experience home with a cinema room. Combine audio, visual, and lighting technology to create the perfect ambiance for movie night. It’s all the fun of the cinema in the comfort of your own home, and easily controlled from a remote or smart device. Perfect for entertaining family and friends. You might not even want to go out to the theater anymore!

Integrated Sound

Integrate discrete speakers throughout your home for top-quality sound where you want it, when you want it. This is perfect for setting the mood for a party or romantic evening. Control the sounds anywhere in your home from a remote or smartphone. Play the same thing in every room, or play something different in each room to please everyone in the household.

Remote Temperature Control

Are you tired of wasting energy heating your home when you’re not there? With remote temperature control you can turn off your heat or AC while you're out, and turn it back on when you’re on the way home so that you return home to a comfortable climate. This is also great for the times you’ve already sat down and gotten comfortable, or you’ve gone to bed for the night, and then you realize you’re too cold or too hot. No need to make a trip to the thermostat when you can control the temperature from your phone.

Smart Security

Rest easy knowing that your home is under constant surveillance. Watch your security feed from any smart device. Combine video surveillance with auto lock features to remotely let guests in and out of your home. Peace of mind from your home security system is a great home improvement if you’re looking for something new this year.


If you want to make some cool home improvements this year, start with smart home technology. This technology will take your home to the next level and make your life a little easier. Give us a call at 877.226.4441 or email us at today to learn how Prime ECS can make your smart home dreams a reality.