Why Hidden Technology Will Improve your Home

What is Hidden Technology?

The age of the truly smart home is here. From Televisions equipped with Artificial intelligence to enhanced lighting systems that can transform your home at the tap of a screen. While these features present the great advances home technology has made over the years, one of the more exciting ventures is that of hidden technology. The definition of hidden technology is really all in the name. It’s technology that is unobtrusive, meaning that it blends in with your space and takes into account your home’s interior design elements. Hidden technology is all about accessibility, and how it works is something to behold.

How Hidden Technology Works

An everyday example of hidden technology is wireless charging. Wireless charging uses pads rather than cables to charge your devices. Between 2017 and 2025, the market for wireless charging has experienced a growth rate of 60.22%. This exponential growth is thanks to the many problems wireless charging solves, one of which being the lessening of chords that are needed to power devices. Speaking of chords, what about your cable box? Cable boxes are typically fraught with cables and power supplies. Hidden technology gives you the ability to clean up your entertainment space by way of hidden cable boxes that communicate over your home’s network. This frees up precious space on your credenzas and shelves, giving you more room to decorate with objects that have meaning to you. Retractable screens and hidden speakers will give your entertainment room even more of a design lift, leaving more negative space so that your decor stands out rather than a big black screen. Hidden technology’s goal is to reduce clutter, make technology friendlier, and give you the ability to enjoy what you love without being interrupted.

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